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Mexican Man in His Backyard NOW AVAILABLE

The Mexican Man in His Backyard: Stories and Essays

By Stephen D. Gutierrez


Stephen D. Gutierrez's essays and stories recreate the Mexican-American culture of Fresno and the working-class East LA of his youth in the 1970s, offering memories as both poignant and sharp, painful and funny. The Mexican Man in His Backyard is the third and culminating volume in Gutierrez's trilogy of essays and stories, which also includes Elements (winner of the Nilon Award) and Live from Fresno y Los (winner of an American Book Award sponsored by the Before Columbus Foundation).

Writer Alejandro Murguia praises the book: "Stephen Gutierrez captures the mood, language, and unexplainable sadness of places we all know. Sometimes essays, sometimes fiction, sometimes both: Modern and post- modern, these pieces paint a vivid picture of Fresno and LA and offer sharp portraits of Chicano poets and others, laced with irony and beauty."

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Peach Farmers Daughter NOW AVAILABLE

Peach Farmer's Daughter

By Brenda Nakamoto


This unconventional, poetic, yet gritty memoir by Davis-based author Brenda Nakamoto evokes her childhood as the daughter of a peach farmer in rural northern California, investigates her roots as sansei (third-generation Japanese-American), and movingly reflects on the decline of her aging parents. Nakamoto's deep connections to the land, farming, family, and the complexities of personal and family history give her work weight and balance.

Writer Rae Gouirand praises the book: "In this remarkable memoir, life floats between land and sky, people are transformed by work, dirt comes in both clean and dirty varieties, roots are deepened across time and space, and luck is given its place among the fruits. Storytellers generally bend and enter their hands into the stream of the story they're telling, but it's rare that they'll show us so gorgeously what the blur of love does to them in the telling. To the grown daughter, the world in front of us delivers us always to new love for what we've come from. It is impossible to step into this story without stepping into a new relationship with time. In these pages you will come undone as simply and completely as you have been grown."

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Visions of Joanna Newsom NOW AVAILABLE

Visions of Joanna Newsom


The singer-songwriter, harpist, and composer Joanna Newsom can't help being controversial. No other artist in recent years has evoked such a range of responses, both positive and negative. Yet her distinctive, often jarring voice and ambitious musical sensibility have attracted a worldwide following whose devotion is both intense and intellectually engaged. Visions of Joanna Newsom--a selection of personal, scholarly, poetic, and artistic responses to her work--reflects this obsession. It is a tribute to a unique talent, but also a testament to the deep reflections and powerful emotions her followers and critics have experienced while under her spell.

The paperback edition of Visions of Joanna Newsom is temporarily out of stock, but is still available in Kindle and e-reader editions. To order the Kindle edition, click here. To order another e-reader format, please email us to make arrangements.


Crow Song

Zoe Keithley
70pp.; paperback; $12.00

Zoe Keithley's volume of poems Crow Song is a powerful and ironic meditation on a lifetime's worth of relationships. These relationships are of many sorts: familial, romantic, erotic, aesthetic, spiritual and artistic. What they have in common is the simultaneously intimate and cosmic perspective in which Keithley views them. In this book we find a complete and satisfying portrait of a poet in love with life in all its forms, one that testifies both to the extreme demands the world places on us and to the dazzling rewards we may reap if we rise to the challenge.

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Swimming the Mirror NOW AVAILABLE

Swimming the Mirror:
Poems for My Daughter

Brad Buchanan
70pp.; paperback; $12.00

In this collection of poems chronicling the birth and growth of his daughter, poet Brad Buchanan offers a finely wrought double portrait of father and growing child. The volume's 56 poems range from the earliest apprehensions of begetting to the mysteries of a young child's own language play. "The poems will charm you," says Julia Connor, Sacramento Poet Laureate (2005-2009). "In just that way, they are, like all true love, dangerous." Buchanan's exploration of the languages of parenthood, love and childhood, combines toughness and vulnerability, wry humor and whimsy, challenge and grace.

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